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Brain Development and Behaviour

Looking for practical strategies to help children who have experienced trauma and have difficulty with emotional self-regulation? This 9 part series presents evidence-based information about brain development and behaviour to support children experiencing emotional arousal and crisis. Two Languages: Holding in Crisis; Growing in Calm – Part 1: Introduction Sean Larsen introduces the background information for this series of talks. …[Read full article]

Brain Development and Behaviour

New Toolkit! Domestic Violence Intervention

The purpose of this domestic violence toolkit is to raise awareness and provide information about how to recognize the signs of exposure to domestic violence for children ages 0-5 and to provide tips for how to safely respond. You will also find key provincial resources as well as helpline contact information. How to Use this …[Read full article]

The Science of Early Child Development

The Science of Early Child Development makes current research accessible to anyone interested in learning more about the impact of early experience on lifelong health and well-being. SECD offers many online resources to bring research and concepts to life with hundreds of readings, videos, links, reflect questions and interactive activities. Looking for a quick way to …[Read full article]